Glamour Perfection

Welcome to Glamour Perfection, where the beauty of the female form is celebrated for the work of art that it is. It celebrates what I believe is the pinnacle of beauty which is UK glamour, and the cream of the crop being the Sun’s Page3 girls.

On this blog you will find the new daily Page3 photos along with some other things that I post on my twitter account @Page3Classics. In the forums you will find both archived Page3 photos, along with photos from other publications and other glamour models of significance.

There’s just a few rules that I would like to share with you to ensure that we all get along.

1) Glamour is NOT porn. It is beauty
2) Just because these models pose in the nude doesn’t give you any right to be rude or obnoxious. If it’s not something that you would say in person, don’t say it on here either.
3) Don’t be an asshole.