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RIP Page3?

Sadly it looks like The Sun’s Page3 has become a think of the past. The last new set on was on March 29th 2017. There has been no official word from The Sun on the matter, but all fingers point to the demise of this beloved institution. The Page3 feature first appeared in the Sun on the 17th of November 1969 with clothed models, with topless models first appearing a year later on November 17th 1970. Page3 has been around for almost 50 years, even if only digitally since Jan 2015. Hundreds of models have appeared in photos taken by dozens of photographers, makeup and hair artists and other behind the scenes personnel. It brought us related things like...

Sun 1991 Calendar cover

Sun 1991 Page3 Calendar

The 1991 Sun Page3 calendar featured a great deal of legendary Page3 models. Fans were treated to photos of Gail McKenna, Kathy Lloyd, Tracey Elvik, Katie Orgill, Ruth Gordon, Rachel Garley, Donna Ewin, Dee Ivens, Gaynor Goodman, Lisa Forward, Sarah Hollett and Sandra Jones. What a year it was!