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  1. Davey says:

    The signs are that it is gone. A sorry way to lose an institution that had been running for nearly half a century. What is sad is the way it has gone. Over the last four years or so, we have seen the dilution of glamour to the point that it is now non existent. There are no lads mags anymore that had the Page 3 style imagery. All gone. The Sun’s Page 3. Removed from the paper but disrespected to the point that it was shunted to a corner of their website. It hasnt gone unnoticed that other stories that reflected topless imagery had the female nipple censored out. It’s been coming. And its a quiet withdrawal rather than any fanfare. Zoo and Nuts had the decency to warn us, the Zoo final issue capturing the feeling as a coffin (with a Zoo logo) being lowered into the ground by bikini clad models, heads bowed.

    So what has changed. The internet answers for a lot. All print media including newspapers is affected as people get their news from different sources. A story can be up in Twitter in seconds whereas the paper is not on your breakfast table until the following day. I understand that. That’s why I think Page 3 is important and relevant. It gives us something different. A USP in a crowded marketplace. I wouldnt say people buy the Sun for Page 3 but I but a few stopped buying it when it stopped. If The Sun could be bothered to consult the site users, I bet more than a few would be happy to pay a few quid each month for Daily shoots, Lodges, interviews/features. It creates revenue and keeps a loyalty in terms of readership. I never read the Sun for news. I enjoyed Page 3 and the Sports coverage. I was fine with that relationship although The Sun can take a disturbing direction at times. Okay, this paragraph talks about money raising and potential commodification, I will touch on this in a moment.

    So what else has changed in the last four five years ? The general feel of the country has. It’s much tougher. I dont want to make polotics an issue but conservative austerity, uncertainty over Brexit, a Trump administration. The feel good factor that was around in Cool Britannia is no longer here. Britain is not as happy a place. Is there a mood or appetite for the fun things in life anymore. It perhaps isnt a big issue or its difficult to correlate this, but the sight of a Page 3 girl is cheery. You cant help but smile when you see an attractive young lady smiling back at you.

    The rise of extreme feminism. I suspect that this is where most will park their reasoning as to why things have changed. the aggressive No More Page 3 campaign which had been spreading poison over 2013-2015 and was instrumental in part in the lads mags, first being censored, then out of business altogether. An example of this pressure groups impact: I used to be my copies of Nuts and Zoo every Tuesday lunchtime from Tesco. Tesco introduced at the self scan tills a system where these magazines would have to be authorised, like you would for booze before going on with the transaction. The only supermarket to do so. I am not ashamed of buying them, I object to being flagged up for it and having to be waved through. I am an adult. I can make big decisions. I dont need permission to buy a magazine off a shop shelf because Lucy Vixen has got her boobs out. The Sun didnt formally address this group but cowtowed, with a little bit of teasing from the lovely Nicole Neal, an end to the printed Page 3, although online continued, but in a much diluted way. The old archive had gone, a change of photographer, the end of the annual Page 3 idol contest. It limped along for another two years. No sign of anything majorly different. March 29th, the day the UK signed the letter to vacate the EU and we were given a two girl salvo from Kelly and Holly, with a Union Jack flag. And that was it, aside from the glorious Rhian, who is perhaps the longest serving girl that Page 3 has, with a Marilyn Monroe tribute which appeared in print on 30 March and pixelated out on the website. The feminazi’s have won. Although with a sense of irony, none of them seemed to have picked up on it. Perhaps that was The Sun’s quiet two fingers. But we deserved to know.

    As I said earlier, a pay site to keep the Page 3 iconic brand going. The feminazis woldnt like it. Commodification of women’s bodies they would say. If you are at work you are commodified. If you go out shopping, you are commodified. They just dont get it. But lets kill the glamour industry in the UK stone dead. No more magazines, no more shoots, and lets make the men feel like perverts for having the temerity to find young women attractive. Lets make them feel like criminals when they mention a 16 year old Sam Fox posing topless, before the law changed to make it 18 years old nearly twenty years later. they used high profile sex predators like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris as the basis for their arguments. If you like Page 3, you are like these guys. Sure, there are some men who let themselves down but you would get that in any movement of a large amount of people. Always a percentage of idiots. The No More Page 3 lot have more than their fair share. What is more, they knew it.

    I am going finish with some Page 3 memories. I am working on the basis that it is gone. Nearly ten days since any published and all signs pointing at the exit. And I am sad of its demise. I will miss it. It helped me build a respect and admiration for all women. It taught me respect for bodies. It taught me to love and respect women. Dare I say it gave me sexual awakening as a boy in puberty. Like many others I suspect. I was definitely head over heels for Rachel Garley though, a mainstay from around 1991-1994. Sandra Jones, Suzanne Mizzi (God rest her soul), Angela Lea, Nikkala Stott, Keeley Hazell, Kelly Hall and Holly Peers are my ultimates and there legacy lives on for years to come. And so it should.

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